Featured Products

Below are some of our highlighted specialty products. Research solutions offers a variety of products to fulfill the demands of the various industries we serve. Because we are continually striving to grow our product lines and satisfy our customers, if you require a product that you cannot find below, please contact customer service and help us determine and satisfy your exact needs.

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AquaSafe HM 2.5 Confined Space Cleaner

AquaSafe HM 2.5 Confined Space Cleaner is a specialty product formulated for surface cleaning prior to painting in confined space areas where worker safety is of the utmost importance. This unique blend is designed to eliminate the need for using dangerous solvents in confined space areas. Having no HAPS or VOC’s, AquaSafe™ HM 2.5 is the product of choice for safety and environmentally conscious owners and paint superintendents.


Custom Packaging

Research Solutions has been solving problems for customers for many years. Many times, it starts with one simple question, “What could we do to make your job easier?” One such solution recently came in the form of custom packaging.



H2Off is a water-based paint stripper and floor cleaner designed to remove multiple layers of coatings and paints from virtually all surfaces.