Research Solutions has more than 40 years of experience developing products designed to meet the demanding requirements of the rugged marine industry. As a specialty chemical producer, we can effectively function as an extension of your own developmental group, uniquely equipped to meet your needs.

Research Solutions is a member of the Shipbuilders Council of America.


Confined Space Cleaners

  • Combines chemistry with the latest technology for today's production demands
  • Developed on the yard with the experts who know the business best—ship builders themselves
  • Results you demand in a paint-prep cleaner and final wash
  • Non-flammable, low toxicity and 99.5% biodegradable
  • Fast evaporation—no production delays
  • Superior paint adhesion proven through rigorous testing
  • Safer than traditional solvent-based metal cleaners used prior to painting
  • No worry of exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals
  • Replaces chlorinated solvents and flammable solvents

Paint Thinners

  • Designed for thinning or strictly clean up
  • Options include traditional or new HAPs-free, low-VOC formulas
  • Available in drums, totes or small bulk

Bilge Cleaners

  • Available as traditional caustic, high alkaline systems or biodegradable formula for ease of disposal
  • Designed to remove the most difficult of contaminants from painted and non-painted surfaces
  • Effective on stubborn grease build up, oils/black oil and chemical residues
  • Ideal for bilge, engine room or storage compartments
  • Oil rejecting for decanting systems or oil-water separators
  • Ideal for easy application- spray, dip or wipe

Acid Cleaners

  • Designed for metal soak and parts cleaning
  • Ideal for easy application as a spray, dip or wipe



Products are available in drums, totes or bulk quantities.

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