Metalworking Fluids

Research Solutions offers a wide selection of metalworking lubricants and fluids formulated to deliver quality performance. RESCO®, our proprietary brand of soluble oils, semi-synthetic coolants, total synthetic coolants, straight cutting oils, drawing and stamping compounds, rust preventatives, and alkaline cleaners provides our customers with outstanding value without compromising quality. Full laboratory services are available at our facility in Nashville, TN offering complete technical support for all lubricants and other products sold by Research Solutions. Ask your Account Manager for further details of how our full laboratory services can help you with your chemical requirements.

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Soluble Oils

Optimum Results

RESCO® Tuf Kut soluble oils are a series of specially formulated metalworking compounds containing extreme pressure lubricants that offer optimum results under the most difficult machining operations. The Tuf Kut series was designed to meet even the most critical requirements of high-speed metal removal operations. The Tuf Kut series can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a variety of machining operations. 

Extended tool life, superior finishes, heavy stock removal, and good heat dissipation are some of the benefits you’ll find using the Tuf Kut series of soluble oils. RESCO® soluble oils are available in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated versions.

Semi Synthetic Coolants

Advanced Technology and Cleanliness

Designed using the best semi-synthetic technology found in the industry, RESCO® Semi Kool coolants offer all the advantages of the lubrication packages found in traditional soluble oil chemistry along with the added benefit of cleanliness and extended sump life you would expect to find in total synthetic coolants. Semi Synthetic Coolants deliver exceptional tool life and rust protection for use in individual machine sumps as well as larger central systems. 

The versatility of the Semi Kool series often allows you to replace multiple products with a single fluid. These products can be used with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and they are formulated with either chlorinated or non-chlorinated extreme pressure lubrication packages to provide lubrication characteristics ideal for multiple machining applications.

Total Synthetic Coolants

Higher Efficiency

The RESCO® line of total synthetic coolants includes a full series of coolants formulated with the latest machining and grinding chemistry. Our products have proven successful over years of use throughout the metalworking industry, including glass-grinding applications. 

Our total synthetic coolants are known for their excellent corrosion prevention and lubricity packages without the use of mineral oils and other raw materials that can create unwanted residues. They offer outstanding tramp-oil rejection, producing exceptional levels of cleanliness on both the machine tool and work piece surfaces. Formulated with balanced and effective biocide packages, our synthetic coolants offer outstanding sump life performance which translates into even greater value for our customers. 

Stamping & Drawing Compounds

Meeting the Most Demanding Needs

We've formulated the RESCO® line of stamping and drawing compounds to meet the most severe requirements of the metal forming industry with extended die life and excellent rust protection. Our drawing oils contain extreme-pressure lubricants, high film strength additives, rust preventatives, and anti-wear packages designed to extend die life and produce high production rates on a regular basis. Our line includes traditional drawing and stamping petroleum oils, vanishing oils, water extendable products, and total synthetic compounds designed for easy cleaning and removal. 

Straight Cutting Oils

Formulated for Success

RESCO® straight cutting oils include a variety of extreme-pressure lubricants with the viscosity of your choice for the most difficult machining operations. From gun drilling and gear hobbing to automatic screw-machine applications, our cutting oils perform with less smoke, better finishes, and improved tool life that equates to less down time and lower operating costs per unit.

Rust Preventatives

Technical Solutions, Creative Applications 

The RESCO® line of rust preventatives include traditional oil-based, solvent-based, and aqueous-based products including HAPs-free and low VOC-versions of all three categories. Utilizing the most advanced technology available, we also offer total synthetic (oil-free) rust preventatives for in-process and long-term storage of metal parts. Customizing products for your particular use is also available to meet your specific rust protection needs.

Alkaline Cleaners

Creative Technology and Experience

RESCO® alkaline cleaners and degreasers are suitable for a variety of applications including dip/soak tanks, spray washers, and automatic floor-scrubbing equipment. All are designed to meet today's high production and regulatory disposal requirements. Through our in-house laboratory, we can formulate custom products to meet your specific cleaning needs. Ask your Research Solutions Account Manager about creating a solution specifically for your business.


Products are available in drums, totes or bulk quantities.