Custom Packaging

Developing the Optimum Package Size        

Research Solutions has been solving problems for customers for many years.  Many times, it starts with one simple question, “What could we do to make your job easier?”  One such solution recently came in the form of custom packaging:

Our Customer's Story

A recent customer had been accustomed to ordering 50-pound bags of a common chemicals known as Soda Ash and Borax. This company would then have to cut and dump multiple bags into a vat for every batch they would make.  Not only was this process time-consuming, but also very labor intensive as the employees would have to lift multiple 50-pound bags at each application. 

Research Solutions realized the need for a change in process, and was able to offer a custom package for this product that allowed the customer to dump only one “super sack” per batch. The super sacks were filled to their specific batch sizes.  The process of setting up a batch previously took an hour, but after our custom-package solution, their batch set-up time is now only 15-20 minutes. Research Solutions was able to cut their set-up time by more than half, saving money and time, while eliminating the need to manually transport 50-pound bags within the facility.

Research Solutions offers custom package solutions for a variety of products. To find out if custom packaging can benefit your company, contact customer service today