Specialty Products

At Research Solutions, we look beyond our customers' product demands today to address their production, quality, safety, and environmental priorities for tomorrow. Through our Specialty Products Division, we work as your developmental partner to formulate products that work best for your applications and help you achieve your desired results. 

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Specialty Products

Alkaline Cleaners/Degreasers

Designed for industrial applications, our alkaline cleaners and degreasers are highly customizable with a wide variety of options, including light, medium, or heavy-duty applications; biodegradable or non-biodegradable; spray, soak, dip, or industrial power washer applications; and oil-rejecting or oil-emulsifying.

Heavy-Duty Bilge Cleaners

Bilge areas can create huge cleaning problems if you don't have the right products designed to clean the most stubborn of oil and grease residues. Our bilge cleaners are specifically formulated to clean marine bilge sumps that can often be breeding grounds for grease and slime build up, bacteria, and foul odors. Our RESCO® bilge cleaners are ideal for spray or wipe applications.

Acid Cleaners

Our industrial-strength acid cleaners include metal-prep cleaners, stainless-steel cleaners, rust removers and aluminum brighteners.

High Flash Safety Solvents

Research Solutions offers a full line of industrial-grade safety solvents for the most difficult cleaning and degreasing operations. The RESCO® Environsol brand of high flash point, HAPs-free degreasers are safer to use than traditional mineral spirits degreasers. With worker safety and exposure playing a key role in product selection, the Environsol line of solvent degreasers is the right choice for dip and soak tank applications to remove stubborn grease and oil build up.

Floor Cleaners

The RESCO® brand of industrial floor cleaners lets you choose the product that zeroes in on your specific floor-cleaning needs. Compatible with manual and automatic floor-cleaning equipment, our cleaners offer the best solutions to stubborn oil and grease build up and tire marks. Each product is designed to be diluted with water, offering great value without compromising the results you expect in a premium-grade floor cleaner.

The RESCO® line ranges from butyl cleaners to non-butyl biodegradable cleaners, including products designed for use in oil/water separators for minimal impact on the environment. We can also custom design products to meet your specific needs.

Confined Space Cleaner

With a focus on safety, our non-flammable and low-toxicity confined space cleaner combines safety with superior performance in a variety of applications. RESCO® confined space cleaner is not designed as a heavy duty degreaser, but as an excellent alternative for cleaning and metal preparation prior to painting when you are working in a confined space.

Iron Phosphates

Our PHOSCOTE brand iron phosphatizing system provides cleaning and an iron-phosphate coating in a single operation. As a proven paint base for cold roll and hot roll steel, it improves the paint adhesion properties of paint by passivating the surface, rendering it more stable and rust resistant. The solution is easily applied using stainless steel or chemical resistant pumps and is 99% biodegradable for easy disposal.

Concrete Products

Along with our traditional petroleum-based concrete release agents, we have designed a new non-toxic, eco-friendly, bio-based release agent that is safer to handle and better for the environment, without compromising performance.

Water-Based Line Flush Fluid

Today's high-tech, water-based coating technology has created a growing demand for superior water-based fluids for the cleaning and flushing of high-end paint lines and spray/dip equipment.

Research Solutions developed the RESCO® line of AquaSafe Fluids for use where solvents are not an option. These products deliver excellent performance for clean up of water-based paint systems and equipment. Contact your Account Manager for further information and recommendations on which product would work best in your application.

Water-Based Paint Remover

As an extension of our product advancements in reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals for paint removal, our research and development chemists developed a unique line of products to break down and remove dried/cured paint from a variety of surfaces. Designed as an alternative to traditional solvent and chlorinated (methylene-chloride-based) paint strippers, our line of RESCO® brand water-based paint removers gets the job done while allowing for a safe work environment.

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Products are available in drums, totes or bulk quantities.