Water-based Paint Stripper

H2Off is a water-based paint stripper and floor cleaner designed to remove multiple layers of coatings and paints from virtually all surfaces.  It was designed to be applied by brush, roller, or conventional sprayers, but as one major powder coater discovered, H2Off is versatile for unique paint stripping applications as well:

Our Customer’s Story:

A powder coater needed a more efficient and effective way to strip powder coatings from paint hooks on their paint line without agitation. They had previously used traditional paint stripping solvents for this application, but found that the solvents would take several weeks to work, and still were not very effective. The company’s Environmental Manager also preferred to find a product that did not contain chlorinated solvents.

The company decided to try H2Off instead. They submerged their paint hooks into H2Off and found that the paint stripper not only worked remarkably well, but did so in only a day.  H2Off did not dissolve the paint like solvent strippers might do, loading up the solution with old paint and contaminants. Instead, H2Off made the paint bubble on the surface of the hooks so that it could be wiped clean. The company found this an added benefit because the solution remained clean longer and could be used repeatedly, whereby reducing waste.

H2Off not only saved this powder coater time in cleaning their paint hooks, but also reduced the amount of waste generated by the facility and reduced the number of hooks required for the process.

H2Off paint stripping solution is water-based, non-hazardous, non-caustic, and pH-neutral.  It does not contain chlorinated solvents, is non-flammable/non-combustible, and contains minimal VOC content.

Please contact Research Solutions to discover how H2Off can help with your paint removal needs.