Opening of our New Facility

June 25, 2018

Dreams that go back to Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Miller in 1971 are now realized with our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Mr. and Mrs. Miller sacrificed for many years to develop the company that those of us who work here call home. They also helped impart their entrepreneurial spirit to their son, Jeff, who has been in command at Research Solutions for the past 22 years. It is because of Jeff’s vision for the company’s future, and his trust in God’s plan, that we have grown into what we are today. Now, after 48 years of dreaming, 13 years of planning for an expansion, and 14 months of construction, we have finally moved into the new production facility on Parker Drive! It has taken a lot of work to get us to this point. It is through prayer, obedience, and strong leadership that we now enjoy this new chapter.

The new facility has some pretty impressive capabilities. The tank farm provides 1.1 million gallons of bulk chemical storage. It has three 7,800 gallon blend tanks with an eductor mixing system capable of mixing the tanks in less than ten minutes. The facility has a state of the art DCS control system with multiple safety functions. We also gained 70,000 additional square feet of warehouse storage space. We are now capable of loading/unloading 3 bulk trucks at a time, and have on site truck scales. The facility has 4 loading docks, expandable up to 10 docks. And the new semi-automatic drum filling station can fill 100 drums per hour.

At Research Solutions, we firmly believe we are positioned to go to the next level with our business. We are committed to embracing the future with an attitude of Discovery—to “find a better way”.