Understanding HAZCOM 2012

August 24, 2015

Understanding OSHA’s new Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) 2012 system has proven to be confusing and overwhelming to many chemical manufacturers and distributors. Over the next several weeks, our friends at Focus Systems will be posting a series of blogs designed to help explain HCS 2012 to those who are affected by it most.

Here we are, nearly three months past the new HCS 2012 deadline for manufactures to provide compliant SDSs and labels –whew! Now it’s the distributors turn to make sure they meet the December 1, 2015 deadline for compliance. So here’s the big question: Is your company a manufacturer or a distributor? On July 20, 2015 OSHA released a Comprehensive Enforcement Directive for Inspectors (CPL 02-02-079). This OSHA directive “clarifies” OSHA’s interpretation of the various supply chain partners and deadline requirements. Read more...